Wait, 15% Off Amazon.com?! No Way!

Oh yes way.

Purse is an online marketplace with the best deals on Amazon. We launched in 2014 and now have 200k+ users who have saved more than $4.4 million dollars

Tons of people around the world end up with Amazon.com gift cards: whether as gifts, payment for services, working for Amazon M-Turk, or countless other reasons. 

There's one big problem though… 

Amazon Gift Cards only work on Amazon, aren’t transferrable, and aren’t a useful form of currency. Gift card holders often cannot use Amazon.com in their country. So, they would much rather have the freedom of using cryptocurrency.

We call these folks "Earners." Earners will gladly exchange their Amazon gift cards for your cryptocurrency, even at a slight loss, and Purse.io acts as the trusted escrow.

But why  Bitcoin 

I'm glad you asked.

 Bitcoin  is a border-less, instant, and universal currency. 

No banks, no fees, country-less, no forms. Plus, it's growing fast!

So, you give Earners a usable, growing currency for something they don't need (their Amazon gift cards). In return, they give you a great discount on Amazon products! Good trade!

Purse isn't new to the Crypto World

"Just completed my first @PurseIO order using #ETH. Thanks, @ShapeShift_io! I am probably way more excited than I should be about this."

Michelle Ray

Too Good To Be True? Too Good And True Too!

When shopping on Purse, you’ll set your own discount by deciding whether you’ll be optimizing for delivery speed or higher discount

At 5% off, Purse buys your items instantly and makes a small profit on the transaction.These purchases are immediately shipped and have fulfillment times comparable to Amazon Prime.

If you want a better discount, simply select the “Name Your Discount 6-33% off option and you’ll be matched with an Earner who is looking to swap their gift card balance with your cryptocurrency. 

Save 15%+ on Amazon with Bitcoin 

Purse connects cryptocurrency lovers and Amazon discount seekers. 

It's a win-win for everyone! 


We’re Well Loved


Why Do Earners Do This?

Earners are willing to provide you a discount on Amazon for your Bitcoin for several reasons.

Some of them get paid for small jobs in Amazon Gift Cards and Purse is the best path to liquidate their gift cards. 

Some get Amazon Gift Cards as gifts: 100% profit! 

Some Earners are able to get even steeper discounts on Amazon Gift Cards by buying them directly for Bitcoin from trusted sources. 

Others see the price of  Bitcoin  fluctuate, get excited, and can lock in the rate by buying an item for you.

Real Purchases. Real Savings.

Let’s take another one of my purchases from Jan 29th, 2018. 

I bought a $469.99 travel projector for $174.49

When I put in the order, I was only saving 21% off.

But Bitcoin's price increased!

Finally, when an earner picked it up, I saved an additional 76 dollars.

My final discount was 37.21%. Wow!

This is how much in USD Purse shoppers have saved in 2018! DANG

 The more I save, the more that savings adds up, which is just additional buffer room for me to insulate me against any further spikes or dips in the Bitcoin price.

Here’s a camera lens I bought on Purse recently. 

I paid $694.55 for this order and saved $214.55. 

The Bitcoin price when I purchased it on Feb 10th, 2018 made my coins worth $694.55.

15 days later the earner picked up my order. That's when the price to USD is pegged. 

Fifteen days later that same amount of Bitcoin is worth $690.55, a 2.5% decrease in value. 

In conclusion, the price of BTC went down, but I still save 23.5%. 

Remember,  Bitcoin 's volatility goes in both directions and it could benefit you.

Try it Yourself

Lower Your Discount. Lower Your Risk.

If you select an Instant 5% Buy Now order, we place it immediately. 

Purse uses a global average to determine the  Bitcoin  to US Dollar rate.

At a 5% discount, your order is immediately paid for and shipped, lowering your risk to the price fluctuation of Bitcoin.

For orders greater than 5%, the USD to Bitcoin price is pegged the moment the Earner picks up the order.

Order deliveries can take a few hours to a few weeks. We suggest a 15% discount rate to start.

Unlike with Instant orders, we hold your funds in escrow until you confirm your delivery. 

Once you confirm your order was delivered, then and only then are your funds released.

If the Bitcoin price fluctuates after your order is picked up by an earner, you won’t be impacted.

It makes the most sense to buy a lot of Bitcoin at once, to lower your fees.

Bitcoin 's story has been up and to the right. The more you buy on Purse, the more you’ll save, the more you’ll worry less about the momentary price of Bitcoin. 


The Best Way To Buy Bitcoin 

1. Create a Coinbase account (get $10 free with this link)

2. Link a bank account (this can take 4-5 business days)

3. Transfer USD to your USD Coinbase account (can also take some time)

4. Create a Purse account (have $20 for free on us)

5. Buy Bitcoin  with your Coinbase USD wallet

6. Transfer your Bitcoin to your Purse wallet

7. Read about how to Shop (below)

Shop, Save, Shazam!

Now let’s get you to savings!

There’s a few ways to shop on Purse. If you know exactly what you’re looking for on Amazon, you can just paste in an Amazon URL in the search box & hit enter, like this:

Once you’ve found your product and add it to cart… next is where the magic happens.

How Discounts Work


Now you’ve got some serious decisions to make. 5%, 18%, 25%... what discount will you choose?

At 5%, we’ll calculate the live USD to BTC conversion rate, shave off the 5% from pre-tax USD amount, instantly debit from your wallet, and place your order immediately.

At 14-18%, your order will be placed when an Earner picks it up. At this discount it will take a few days.

Your first order is limited to 15%

Willing to wait several weeks, maybe up to a month? Go with 22-33% off.

Just want the best discount possible and don’t care how long it takes? Gamble hard and go BIG.

Ready. Set. Shop!

We know it’s an uphill battle. 

Understanding Bitcoin , getting comfortable with Bitcoin, paying in Bitcoin, and shopping on a new website. 

Hopefully this guide has answered all of your questions about Bitcoin, Purse, and how to save tons of money on Amazon.

Still have more questions? Click on my face to contact me…

What are you waiting for?

Discount vs. Speed

  • Retail Price - The price of the item you'd like to buy.
  • BTC when Purchased - The price of BTC when acquired.
  • BTC on Shop Date - The price of BTC when you shop.
  • NYD Slider - Slider where you can Name Your Discount

Retail Price
BTC Price when Purchased
BTC Price on Shop Date
NYD Slider

The price of Bitcoin has declined significantly since purchasing it. We recommend that you HODL your Bitcoin until the value returns, or buying some fresh coins for this purchase.

The price of Bitcoin has increased significantly since your purchased it. With gains like this, our math gets fuzzy. In other words, your item is effectively free from the growth of your Bitcoin.

Shopping on Purse

Item Priced with Selected Discount @

-- --

Bitcoin was purchased when the price was at $. When shopping on Purse, the price had moved to $, a change in Bitcoin's value. During checkout, the slider was set to off, which, together with the change in buying power of your Bitcoin, means your final price is . At , you saved .

$214 saved!

Roger Ver

"Bitcoin’s killer app may have arrived in Purse.io. Easily get huge savings on goods direct from @amazon."

Kris Merkel

"I still can’t get over how easy and quick it is ordering from #Amazon and paying with #bitcoin through @PurseIO."